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Linux Wallet (Ubuntu)

Mac Gui Wallet (High Sierra)

Other Wallets (Releases)

Proposed coin specs:

Block times: – 2 minutes

Maximum supply: – 100,000,000 (100 million)

TNGO Consensus mechanism: – Proof-of-Stake (80% masternodes, 20% stakers)

Algorithm: – Quark-hash Masternode collateral – 10,000 TNGO

Features: – SwiftTX, budget, treausury and masternode governance is enabled

RPC Port: – 8485 P2P Port: – 8484

Block reward breakdown

(Block height – Reward per block)

Block 201-50,000 – 10.000 TNGO

Block 50,001-100,000 – 5.000 TNGO

Block 100,001-500,000 – 2.500 TNGO

Block 500,001-900,000 – 1.250 TNGO

Block 900,001-1,500,000 – 0.500 TNGO

Block 1,500,001-6,000,000 – 0.250 TNGO

22 year tapering inflation reward, with a cumulative supply capped at 100,000,000 TNGO.

Our Experts

James Coffey
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James Coffey

Team Lead, Marketing
James Coffey

James Coffey

Team Lead, Marketing

Coffee Fanatic, All around tinkerer, Computer Geek

Comptia Network +

Sonicwall CSSA

Citrix Xenserver 6.5

Stephen Megara
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Stephen Megara

Lead Developer
Stephen Megara

Stephen Megara

Lead Developer

I was born in Philadelphia, PA. I am Married and have 3 children. I speak, read, and write Japanese. I have lived a total of 25 years in Japan. I started programing when I was 15 years old. I taught myself C++ and some ASM. As a child I have always been fascinated with Viruses and I would create some just to learn from them. I did that until I was 18 years old. Education wise I have an A.S. in Hospitality Management and I have a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Major: Business, Minor: Health). I graduated from Liberty University in 2018. I joined the U.S. Army in 2008-2019. I got into cryptocurrency back in 2014. I joined Northern Crypto Currency in 2017. I am currently the Head Developer for Northern Crypto Currency since 2018. I have submitted my KYD verification packet already to keep the community at ease so they would know their developer. I am currently living in USA, Florida. I jumped back into programming field since 2018 and I plan on staying in it. I personally believe in powering the community and I am always open for suggestions. Anyone in my community can contact me 24/7 and I always do my best to respond in 24hrs.


Quarter 1




  • Exchanges From the initial launch of the network, the TangoCoin team will target multiple exchanges to begin trading in TNGO. Firstly, we will target smaller, community-based exchanges (such as BlastExchangeand Abacusbit, which are already confirmed listings and will be live soon after launch) and will eventually move on to approach much larger and more well-know exchanges, such as Bittrex and Binance.

  • Masternode listing sites As a result of the TangoCoin network integrating masternodes into its consensus, the TangoCoin team can approach some of the many masternode listing websites, which provide statistics and tracking on various masternode projects. These include online[1],[2]and popular mobile tracking applications such as NodeVault.[3]

  • Cryptocurrency tracking applications A good way to provide continuous feedback to the TangoCoin community regarding development and updates, is making use of mobile applications that provide price statistics and exclusive development updates, such as Blockfolio[4]and Delta[5]portfolio tracking apps. We will be sure to approach both of these and any similar applications, soon after launching on exchanges.






Quarter 2




  • Mobile wallet We plan to integrate with a mobile app, so that TangoCoin holders can store, send and receive their TNGO coins from their mobile phones. This gives us the possibility to reach millions of mobile users around the world and get them transacting with one another in TNGO.

  • Paper wallet We plan to develop a paper wallet for cold storage, so that users can generate a public and private key, and store their TNGO coins safely offline – or even run masternodes that pay out to a paper wallet.

  • Web wallet  Lastly, we will develop a web wallet that will allow for global access to your TNGO coins with a username, password and 2FA combination – stored securely on our web platform which will use the latest in encryption technology.


  • Social media  Marketing is vital to attract new investors and users into a project, and also to spread the world about development updates and adoption of use-cases. Therefore, the TangoCoin team will place an emphasis on marketing the project and will make use of all the social media platforms at our disposal, such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Redditand will also build up an online presence on cryptocurrency-related websites and forums. 

  • Bounty campaigns The TangoCoin team will be using a small amount of the premine for bounty campaigns to boost awareness about the project. This includes bounties for retweets, Discord invites and other forms of engagement.

  • Totals will be announced at launch